What is the training section?

UDETMA has extensive experience in training activities focusing on atheromatous disease and the use of non-invasive diagnostic techniques such as ultrasound pressure, the measurement of ankle-brachial index and another. Therefore, we offer a wide range of university courses (with the University of Lleida) and customized courses as we adapt to the needs of each sector.


Master on atherothrombotic disease and diagnosis by non-invasive techniques

This master's degree is a unique opportunity to know the atherotrombosis disease and different noninvasive techniques.


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The course is aimed at professionals interested in vascular medicine and atheromatous disease.It is a fitting master for residents of different specialties and the fact that it can be validated with a doctoral program will be an instrument to advance to obtain this degree.

Module 1: Theoretical and practical bases of vascular examination
Module 2: Atheromatosis 
Module 3: Obesity and Dyslipidemia
Module 4: Hypertension
Module 5: Chronic Kidney Disease
Module 6: Diabetes 
Module 7: Methods of CV risk assessment and diagnostics
Module 8: Chronic inflammatory diseases and its relationship with atheromatous disease (HCV, HIV, rheumatoid arthritis and autoimmune diseases)
Module 9: Control of cardiovascular risk factors
Module 10: Workshop 

Arcidiacono, M. Victoria
Arroyo Rueda, David
Ascaso Gimilio, Juan
Badimón, Lina
Baena Fustegueras, Juan Antonio
Barbé Illa, Ferran
Betriu Bars, Àngels
Borràs Sans, Mercè
Bover Sanjuan, Jordi
Civeira, Fernando
Coca Payeras, Antonio
Craver Hospital, Lourdes
Domingo Pedrol, Pere
Dusso, Adriana
Egido de los Rios, Jesús
Fernández Giráldez, Elvira
Ferré, Raimon
Grau Magaña, Maria
Gutierrez Vilaplana, Josep Maria
Lecube Torelló, Albert
Lecuona Goya, Ignacio
Maravall Royo, Francesc Xavier
Maria de Lamo, Virtudes
Mariño Mendez, Zoe
Marín Iranzo, Rafael
Martínez Castelao, Alberto
Mauricio Puente, Didac
Ortega Martínez de Victoria, Emilio
Perez Maraver, Manuel
Purroy Garcia, Francesc
Rodriguez Portillo, Juan
Roig Cárcel, Jordi
Ros Rahola, Emilio
Santamaria Olau, Rafael
Segura de la Morena, José Julián
Valdivielso Revilla, José Manuel

Expert in Diagnosis of subclinical atherosclerosis through blood ultrasound

Expert course meets the needs of different professionals in the health area involved in the prevention and treatment of atheromatous disease. Registration.

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This expert course "Expert in Diagnosis of subclinical atherosclerosis through blood ultrasound" provide students with the necessary abilities to become an expert in arterial ultrasound.

The course has a Phase 1 in the UDETMA unit (Department of Nephrology, Hospital Universitari Arnau de Vilanova) and an on-line part (Phase 2 and 3).

Phase 1: Workshop in Lleida. Review the importance of atherosclerosis as the primary cause of death worldwide; importance of early diagnosis of subclinical arterial disease through blood ultrasound. 

Phase 2: On-line.

Phase 3: On-line.

Betriu Bars, Àngels
Maria de Lamo, Virtudes
Castro Boqué, Eva